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DIY: Making home-studio desk

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DIY: Making home-studio desk
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DIY: Making home-studio desk2 Nov
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About a month ago I've started to think about changing my desk. Most of the cases I use it considering musical composition and production, so a desk had to be pretty unusual and specific. Researching the market has shown no result, as every solution proposed wasn't that HOME-studio desk I was looking for — either too simple or too complicated.

DIY: Making home-studio desk2 Nov
However looking up the web was way more effective, relatively fast I was able to find the "Output Platform" desk. It seemed suitable for any situations I could acquire in my routines... The only shortage I had to deal with was to stop using a full 88-keys keyboard: well, whatever it takes, just look how sexy it is! The price for a whole piece was $800 — it was ok. The real problem turned out to be shipping. In Russia, where I live at the moment, there are no resellers or even no opportunity to order this product by mail... Time to some DIY, I guess...

DIY: Making home-studio desk2 Nov
By the way, if you would ever wonder, how I have decided to do a desk myself without any skill: yes, it was a desperate decision, but also there is a nice hint Output left for us: in the trailer (yes, a trailer for a desk) they have some measurements and details drawings. That is very kind of you Output, thank you! Also, there is a video, where a guy has built his version with angled racks, you may easily google it. Now, let's begin!

DIY: Making home-studio desk2 Nov
Day 1 Today we are doing maths! I want to get the whole concept in my head — just overall sizes of the desk itself and every part. I need to resize everything as in my country we use cm, not inches (what the hell is inch by the way). Ok, I imagine our desk to be 90cm deep and 94cm tall for now — that is relatively close to the original numbers, using that and several other figures we can measure pretty much everything here. Angles for the back-leg (I would call it that way, whatever) are pretty random. I've tried to copy positions from the original desk, the only thing that counts for the back-leg, is that there should be enough space for a keyboard tray to roll back and forth. A keyboard tray is 40cm deep.
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DIY: Making home-studio desk3 Nov
Day 2 Today I had to thought through a few rather crucial details. The thing is the height of the desk should be optimal for one's height. You might have never given a thought to it, and yet most of the tables you would use consider some standards. I happened to be way taller, than standards expected me to be. Typically, a computer desk would be somewhere between 60-70 cm tall, however, making some calculations and observations I found out, that my desk should be 81.7cm. I hope my back would pardon 1.7cm for the sake of beauty. Most of the time I was thinking about the keyboard tray. I do not want to mess it up, so I've decided to leave it original size — 5.5 inches (14cm). It dangerously leaves only 66-68cm for my legs, I pray that would be enough for me.
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