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TNN public
17 Jul74 views
How India’s digital economy can rediscover its mojo
The recent crisis of confidence brought by the unicorn meltdowns isn't for real....
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3 Oct76 views
Instagram launched Threads messenger aimed at close friends communities. Since nobody can provide a platform for communication inside small groups better than messengers do, Instagram is trying to build something new. Having worked on CheckYou — russian version of Threads, launched in 2018, I can do nothing but approve this kind of experiment. TechCrunch: iOS: Android: Mentioned CheckYou:
Instagram launches Threads, a Close Friends chat app with auto-status – TechCrunch
What if Instagram could automatically tell your Close Friends you’re 🏠 (home), ...
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4 Dec46 views
Graph showing wealth distribution
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20 Dec30 views
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5 Jan18 views
Yet another piece on how toxic social media and unmanaged stream of news can be. Author shares her experience on giving up Facebook and Twitter. More on the matter in brilliant Ted Talk by Cal Newport: Summary of that talk: you won’t miss anything if you quit social media, you will have friends, you will stay in loop, your life will be different and more profound. Cal also has a book (though talk is a great summary of the book): Deep Work.
Build Your Own Intellectual Oasis - Quillette
Two years ago I started an experiment I would like to recommend to you. At the u...
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