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Siri Shortcuts
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Siri Shortcuts17 Oct
Download Video. Download Videos from 500+ Websites. This shortcut uses 6 different online download services to extract all compatible downloads for your URL. Supported are popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. but also many adult sites. You can use the widget or the share sheet. It let's you choose from a list of available resolutions and will automatically check if a service is broken and won't attempt to use it in the future. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/731247b1a62046a8b2f788aefeefae0a

Siri Shortcuts17 Oct
Total Weather by Siri. This is a more intuitive, complete and up-to-the-minute weather report spoken in a natural manner by Siri in the language of your choice that has been updated for iOS 13.1. Great for use with HomePod or including with your “Good Morning!” routine. Simply add a Run Shortcut action to your Shortcut to hear this complete weather report first thing in the morning to plan your day. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/c60f3e088aad49a79a260f900ae2cfed

Siri Shortcuts18 Oct
What to Buy X. What to Buy is a shopping list shortcut where you can have as many shopping lists as you want, add or remove items to them, edit the items, mark them as completed and lots of other things. You can update using UpdateKit (Run What to Buy X shortcut, click in "More options" and click in "Update What to Buy X"). www.icloud.com/shortcuts/5f1c4b6d10b34ff48a5cc5a9d4620cc8

Siri Shortcuts19 Oct
Utilities Menu. Do you want to turn your life more easy? If yes, you are on the right place. Utilities Menu can do that and even more. Here are some of the features that Utilities Menu have: Sending Messages; Call; Music; Directions; Search on the Internet; See the next events; Create Reminders; Append something to an Note. Opening Apps; And even more ! To configure the Utilities Menu is too easy, once you install it, the hi screen will appear and, after that, the configuration screen. The configuration part can take about 3 to 5 minutes. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/84742526dfbe4c3aa57ad1e0603e4702

Siri Shortcuts20 Oct
Clipboard Manager. The basics: Save copied Text, URLs, and Images or from share sheet The clip will be displayed and will allow changes before saving Edit your current clipboard After editing, you can choose to save your old one Retrieve saved clips with the ability to copy or share. More options: Clear current clipboard Open URL(s) copied to clipboard Dictate to clipboard Delete specific or all saved clips. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/0b8e3351263b413db82888c91be5dab1

Siri Shortcuts20 Oct
Water Eject. Water Eject is a simple, yet powerful Siri Shortcut that takes full advantage of the efficient stereo speaker system found in the iPhone. Water Eject works by generating a low frequency sound wave that propels water out of the speaker system. Water Eject has a polished, easy-to-use UI that aims to give you the best user experience possible in a Siri Shortcut, enjoy. Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/7def12f108da4868ac675596a89a1d08

Siri Shortcuts22 Oct
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Google maps. This shortcut requires Google Maps to be installed on the device prior to use. Hey Siri... “give me directions with Google Maps” (feel free to change Siri command phrase) Siri: where would you like to go? (wait for dictation to initiate) and say the name, location or address you’d like guidance for. Compatible with Apple CarPlay. Disclaimer: For this shortcut to function your device needs to be unlocked as these are limitations set by Apple. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/7b293ebec13d487d958e53cbd11aaa9a

Siri Shortcuts29 Oct
Aviation Aviation is a flight tracking shortcut that allows you to get the latest flight information (through 4 different methods), receive flight updates in the form of notifications, and send departure/landed messages to your contact(s). Additionally it uses no 3-party flight tracking apps. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/3215eceae89345e5b4923869e7bc004b

Siri Shortcuts4 Nov
Math practice A educational tool to practice your math, currently supported features. When run you can choose your own number of sums you would like to practice. Two levels of difficulty Easy and Medium. Clear labels of right and wrong answered sums ❌✅. Optionally saving of your results. Variable motivational quotes included. www.icloud.com/shortcuts/afd709e9b06a49a989ff9b35f110e4d5

Siri ShortcutsWed
Toolbox Pro in AppStore is available now! This app adds a powerful suite of new automation actions inside the Shortcuts app.  Unlock the full potential of your device with on-device object and text recognition, global variables that can be saved to iCloud, detailed device information and much more. To use the actions, open Shortcuts and search for "toolbox" in the actions menu. You can see what each action does in the Toolbox Pro app. apps.apple.com/tr/app/toolbox-pro-for-shortcuts/id1476205977
‎Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts
‎Toolbox Pro gives you more than 50 powerful new actions to use within Apple’s S...

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